What are the important elements of Digital Marketing for your business?

What are the important elements of Digital Marketing for your business?
In digital marketing there are several core elements that work together to create the foundation for a successful business. Attracting prospects, building relationships, and making offers that drive conversions are all the right paths in digital marketing.
What are the important elements of Digital Marketing for your business?
When you start learning digital marketing, the influence of element marketing communication, it helps you understand each of the core elements of digital marketing. Of all these core elements, it's good to do it in a noble manner. Take some elements that you feel are the priorities for finding and studying potential customers. Then after a good interaction, you can continue to approach using other core elements. And here are the core elements that make up digital marketing:
1. Content Marketing Content Marketing is much more than just blogging. Content Marketing is a tactic that must provide valuable information at every stage of the Customer Value Journey. To move your prospects through Customer Value Journey. You need to create valuable content and guide them through the years: Awareness, Evaluation, and Conversion.
2. Customer Value Journey Customer Value Journey makes you automate the entire process of customer acquisition, so you can sell without forcing or scaring consumers. It consists of 8 stages - from Awareness to Promotion, which aims to build the trust and loyalty of consumers.
3. Digital Advertising This is something we all know: paid advertising. From banner ads on websites to video ads on YouTube, you see them everywhere. Digital Advertising includes promotional advertisements and messages sent by email, social media websites, online advertisements in search engines, banner ads on mobile sites or websites, and affiliate programs.
4. Social Media Marketing "Going social" is not just about being active on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It's about being present at your audience gathering place. So you can engage with them, build relationships, and make offers that your followers will like. You don't need to be the same as your audience. You just need to be problem solving of your audience's problems. What they need and what they consume.
5. Email Marketing Don't believe rumors. Email Marketing is far from extinct or abandoned in today's digital era. In fact, email has one of the highest Return of Investment (ROI) marketing activities. The key to generating that ROI is to focus on things like: Make sure your email is sent Prospective customers open your email Generate attachment, so your potential customers take the action you ask for Automate the whole process
6. Search Marketing This is a long term strategy. SEO can help you get free organic traffic and increase the confidence of your visitors while supporting your other digital marketing as well. To win in SEO and improve your ranking, you need to produce high quality content and optimize your website for your users first.
7. Website Analytics This is a powerful tool to help you know what works, what doesn't, and what to do next. With analytic websites we will get data, for example: What types of visitors failed to convert? Do we produce content that the audience wants? Which page can generate more traffic?
8. Conversion rate optimization This process is one of the important steps to drive online business growth. The CRO process itself includes qualitative and quantitative data testing involving several Conversion rate optimization tools. If you are a beginner and trying to apply Digital Marketing to your business and business, try to carry out the above elements in a diligent manner and always optimize every element that suits your audience or potential customers. Don't forget to continue to evaluate each process. Try to determine a Key Performance Indicator for each element that you will implement.